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Stanley tumbler mania was beginning to wither, Starbucks released a red holiday Stanley cup that has been met with Tickle Me Elmo levels of excitement.

The Starbucks Stanley cup retails for $49.95—assuming you’re lucky enough to find one. Demand for them is so high that across the internet there are videos about people camping out in front of store to score one of the limited-edition tumblers.

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One Redditor described a less-than-pleasant encounter with two women who were camped outside of their Starbucks location, waiting to purchase a tumbler.

“She demanded to know where they were because she came last night to bother partners setting up and had also been walking around the building shining her flashlight through the windows. She lost it when she was told the cups were purchased by partners, told us she talked to our SM and that she was told she was guaranteed the cup,” they wrote.

A number of people offered their sympathy and expressed their shock at the behavior of the two women. One person in particular had questions about the hype surrounding the cup.

“I’ve been hearing so much about these cups but when I look it up, they’re just…red? unless there’s just no pictures available, I’m seeing plain red cups. People are really losing their whole humanity over a glorified solo cup,” they said.

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Now that the tumblers are sold out at most Starbucks locations, many of them have surfaced on websites like eBay and Poshmark for well over triple the original price. Currently, the most expensive Starbucks Stanley on eBay is going for $200 (there is free shipping at least).

One TikToker even bragged about selling the tumblers to “Starbucks Girlies” for $300.

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Were you lucky enough to score a red Starbucks Stanley cup?