The Top Spots To Eat In Boston

What ingredients make a food city? Local institutions that have been serving the same great dishes for generations? Forward-thinking chefs experimenting with the latest gastronomy? Or is it a mix of the two—a place where the alchemy between past and future culminates in an exciting, delicious present? This is what occurs in Boston, a culinary capital worth a spot on any foodie’s must-visit list.

Amid the salty breeze wafting in from the harbor and the click-clacking shoes on cobblestone streets, you’ll find culinary staples rooted in practicality and resourcefulness—clam chowder, baked beans, lobster rolls—that tell the story of a historic town shaped by immigrants, fishermen, and its proudly working-class heritage. And simultaneously, Boston’s food scene is constantly changing and being reborn. New cuisines from around the world live alongside the iconic regional classics, creating an exciting culinary terrain for visitors to explore. We think the City on a Hill deserves its flowers, so we’ve crafted this mouthwatering roundup of the best eats Boston has to offer.

Meet Boston

Union Oyster House

Beantown classics

Warren Tavern

Once frequented by the likes of George Washington and Paul Revere, one of Massachusetts’s oldest taverns has low ceilings, exposed beams, and flickering lights that transport visitors back to colonial New England. Pro tip: Don’t sleep on the Charlestown stalwart’s traditional breadcrumb-topped baked haddock.

Union Oyster House

Opened in 1826, this is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the country, serving classic New England seafood that pays homage to Boston’s maritime roots. It’s a longtime haunt of the city’s most renowned political dynasty—the lobster stew was reportedly JFK’s favorite lunch in Boston—and it’s also alleged that the first use of the restaurant toothpick occurred here!


The inspiration for one of television’s most iconic sitcoms encourages nostalgia through its great American comfort food. If you’re feeling adventurous, the restaurant has a burger challenge named after one of the show’s most beloved characters: Finish it in one sitting and get your name immortalized on the wall.

Mike’s Pastry

This family-owned bakery sits in the heart of Boston’s North End, where the city’s first Italian immigrants settled in the 1860s. It’s been a fulcrum of the neighborhood since 1946, churning out world-famous cannoli for a dedicated clientele of regulars and tourists alike. The lobster-tail pastries also get well-deserved high marks.

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Mike’s Pastry

New and notable

Dear Annie

This critically acclaimed wine bar in neighboring Cambridge revolves around one communal table, encouraging a warmth and intimacy that extends beyond the seating arrangements. The absence of a physical wine list, for example, prompts patrons to consult with the bartenders about their taste until they’ve found the right glass. And if you’re hungry, Dear Annie is all about the seafood. The signature Sea Dog combines shrimp, scallops, and whitefish on a brioche bun.


Shojo brings a taste of modern Asian flavor to Boston’s historic Chinatown. Founder Brian Moy—son of the owners of legendary Boston restaurant China Pearl—crafts an inventive menu featuring mind-bending fusions like French fries topped with mapo tofu and Chinese chicken and waffles. He just opened a second location in Cambridge.


This Mediterranean spot in nearby Somerville is definitely worth the commute. Its shareable plates are ideal for date night, with notable highlights including lentil nachos, halloumi poutine, and feta gnocchi.




You might have to search for this speakeasy, located down an alley in the Leather District, but good luck pulling yourself away once you’ve found it. Offsuit offers a sophisticated yet unpretentious vibe, spinning vinyl records through the night. There are only 20 seats and they fill up quickly, so get there early.

JJ Foleys

This local watering hole plays host to hordes of Bostonians after they get off work. The dimly lit ambience, affordable drinks, and solid pub grub make it a dependable option for all.

Grace by Nia

Step into the nightlife at one of Boston’s newest live-music destinations. Located in the waterfront, this all-in-one restaurant, bar, and performance venue features top-tier jazz, soul, and R&B. Snag some food and one of the signature cocktails while you take in the tunes.

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To learn more about the culinary scene in Boston, check out the city’s guide on its official website.