If your

relationship is about as blurry as the dreaded last line of an eye exam then you, my friend, might just be in a “situationship.” For those unfamiliar with the term, Dictionary.com defines a situationship as “a relationship that is more than friendship but less than a committed relationship.”

And lucky for you, this Valentine’s Day, Sweethearts is celebrating situationships everywhere with new, limited-edition candy hearts. Perfect for “confused singles everywhere,” the Sweethearts Situationships box features its signature heart-shaped candies, but with one tweak. Instead of cute messages like “Be Mine” or “Forever,” the messages on the hearts are misprinted and blurry. Sounds a lot like your situationship, right?

For the makers of Sweethearts, the Situationships candies were partly inspired by pop culture.

“Singles are taking ‘situationships’ to the next level this year, and Sweethearts is here for them,” said Evan Brock, vice president of marketing for Spangler, in a statement. “The printing on Sweethearts isn’t always perfect. This is our way of embracing those imperfections in a way that taps into pop culture.”

For those eager to get their hands on the candies, the candies will be available at SweetheartsCandies.com on Monday, January 8, at 9 a.m. EST.

And as hilarious as the blurred messages are, we’re pushing for next year’s candies to include the infamous “u up” and “wyd?” messages. True situationship staples.