Whether you love making them or would rather just eat them,

gingerbread houses are a quintessential part of the holidays. Each year, friends and families gather ’round the table to make magic happen with just a few slabs of gingerbread and some gumdrops.

And to freshen things up this season, Trader Joe’s has released a new Gingerbread House Kit. Available for $8.99, the kit is described as a “German cookie house,” and includes pieces of gingerbread for walls and roofing, outdoor décor made of fruit gummies and chocolate buttons, and a ready-to-make icing mix. There’s even a cookie base that serves as a foundation for the gingerbread house.

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But the addition people are most excited about is the set of adorable woodland creatures made of sugar. The almost-too-cute-to-eat crew of creatures includes an owl, a deer, a squirrel, and a fox.

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An Instagram post from @traderjoesnew is filled with comments from users explaining how excited they were to see the woodland creatures.

“My 3 y/o loved the woodland creatures – so cute! Was a great holiday activity to do together,” said one person.

“Love the little figures!! Have to get this,” another user added.

One Trader Joe’s shopper did offer a warning to potential buyers, revealing that their kit did not come with the woodland creatures for some reason.

“I just opened mine and mine didn’t have the woodland creatures… that’s the entire reason I bought it,” they explained.

Trader Joe’s Gingerbread House Kit is limited edition, so be sure to act fast!