White Claw is introducing a new line of drinks—but they’re not hard seltzers. White Claw 0% Alcohol is the brand’s first venture into non-alcoholic drinks and includes four flavors.

You might be wondering: Isn’t this just regular seltzer? Well, not quite.

According to the press release, White Claw has spent years finding a way to make non-alcoholic beverages that have the same complexity found in their boozy seltzers. The result? A drink that combines ultra-refined seltzer, traditional White Claw flavors and “new secondary beverage alcohol drink notes,” along with electrolytes. Each 12-ounce can has only 15 calories.

So how do these drinks really taste? Our Video Director, Julia Smith, was one of the first people to try the four new drinks before their official launch in January. Here’s a rundown of all the flavors:

Lime Yuzu: Smith thinks this will be the most popular flavor because it’s not quite as unique as the others. It’s “flavorful like a Sprite almost.”

Peach Orange Blossom: It reminds her of peaches and cream, with its slight vanilla aftertaste. “This one out of all of them is begging for Champagne or something boozy added (even though I know that’s not the point!).”

Mango Passion Fruit: This has a stronger scent flavor, which she said reminds her of the Bath & Body Works mango lotion she used growing up. It has a clean finish, though.

Black Cherry Cranberry: Smith said it tastes just like the OG alcoholic White Claw Black Cherry, but without the “weird malted flavor at the end.” “Honestly, if they could make regular White Claw taste like the 0%, I’d drink more of the brand,” she said.

The takeaway? Smith thinks the new White Claw 0% are more flavorful than traditional seltzers like Spindrift or Pellegrino. So if you’re looking for something that’s smooth and crisp with flavor, these are for you.

White Claw 0% will be rolling out in U.S. stores starting January 1, 2024. So if you’re thinking of partaking dry or damp January or are sober curious, you might want to check it out.