15 Wine Subscriptions That Are Worth Every Penny

Wine types: Since many wineries offer white only, red only, or mixed shipments, Herwaldt says to cater your wine subscription to your palate. For example, if you don’t like Champagne, consider an all-red wine delivery!

New to the wine world? “A wine beginner should go with a wine subscription that ships simple, easy drinking wines,” says Palm. On the other hand, “someone who is very knowledgeable about wine would do better with a service that is more geared towards sommeliers, wine professionals, and wine advocates.”

Number of bottles: Wine box shipments can include anywhere from one to 12 bottles. For those who don’t want to drink as much wine, consider a smaller delivery so you have time to sip on each one. Planning a party? A bigger case will leave you with plenty to serve your guests.

Delivery frequency: Wine subscription boxes typically have monthly deliveries. While some offer more options, like quarterly, annual, or biannual shipments, simply choose a delivery based on how much wine you actually want to drink. “Personally, I prefer wine clubs that ship quarterly because I found monthly shipments to be just too much wine,” says Herwaldt.

Membership perks: Herwaldt recommends checking out the benefits that come with being a wine club member. “A lot of wineries allow you to come taste at the property for free when you’re a member,” she says. “I used to have my own wine club with about 30 members, and I hosted online zoom tastings where the members could come learn about the wines, build community, and even meet the winemakers themselves.”

Cost: Don’t forget about your budget. Look for subscriptions at an affordable cost to you. Pro tip: “keep an eye out for services with clear and easy terms that allow you to easily stop a delivery if you have too much wine that you haven’t drank,” Reed adds.