Coconut-Lime Layer Cake

Put the lime in the coconut and bake this stunning layer cake! One of the reasons this cake is SO fun to eat is that it’s not about blasting every component with all the lime and all the coconut flavor, but instead letting each part of the cake bring a little something to the party. 

The tangy, creamy lime curd delivers the fresh citrus flavor, while the frosting dials things up on the coconut front with coconut extract in the frosting and a layer of toasted coconut pressed into the sides for the perfect finishing touch. The cake itself does double-duty thanks to cream of coconut and a healthy dose of lime zest. It’s tender and zesty, and pulls the whole dessert together. When you slice into the cake, you’ll see layers of cake, frosting, and lime curd, and you’ll also get the toasty flavor and crunch from the coconut on the outside. To put it simply, it’s a flavor and texture adventure in every bite!

For smooth, silky lime curd, it’s important to whisk the mixture constantly over medium heat. You want to cook the eggs gently and thoroughly, but not scramble them. If you notice some eggy bits in the lime curd, don’t panic. Take it off the heat and pass it through a fine-mesh sieve, and you’ll be good to go. The curd is made with all yolks, so you’re going to have leftover egg whites on your hands. They’re great for making omelets the next morning or whisk them up into meringues, like these adorable peppermint ones. Just make sure to refrigerate the egg whites in an airtight container until you’re ready to cook.

You will also have some coconut extract and buttermilk leftover after you make this cake. Lucky you! Try swapping coconut extract for vanilla in your favorite cakes or use it in these super-delicious coconut cheesecake bars. The extra buttermilk might be the universe telling you to make fried chicken, corn dogs, or lots of other fun sweet and savory buttermilk recipes. 😉

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