A big change has arrived at

Costco—and don’t worry, it has nothing to do with your membership fees. According to several Reddit threads published this year, some Costco locations have begun rolling out new shopping carts. Although the store’s previous carts have received criticism from customers in the past, people are still heavily on the fence when it comes to the new carts.

In a Reddit thread published just a few days ago, shoppers sounded off with their thoughts on Costco’s new carts, which are supposed to provide a smoother ride. The original post declared that the shopping carts “ride like a dream.” Others had concerns about bulkiness, steering, and the lack of cupholders.

“My store just got them. BJs has had them for a while. I find them a little harder to steer as they’re a bit blocky. Why don’t carts come with built in cupholders? We have the technology!” said one user.



“Still doesn’t have a holder for cups for when we buy coffee / smoothies,” another person added.

There are also some concerns about how shallow the cart’s kid seat is, and if there’s the possibility of a child falling out.

“We just got them too— I like the deeper basket but I can see it being a pain for elderly/pregnant/handicapped customers. Also I’m kinda weary on the MUCH shallower kid seat. Even buckling my 3yr old in, if he leans over all the way I feel like he’ll fall out,” one person on Reddit wrote.

Lastly, one particular user is ready to ask the tough questions about the shopping carts.

“Do they shock you still? Or is this just me,” they asked.

The verdict’s still out on that one.