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Thanksgiving desserts. And that sweet collection of pies and cakes could look a lot different depending on where you live. So to illustrate our country’s wide-ranging pie preferences, Google created a map that shows the most popular Thanksgiving pies in each state. And it’s fair to say there are a few surprises.


First off, not every state loves a dessert pie. Shocking, we know. The most popular pie in some states, like Kansas and Oregon, is actually savory. Kansas is keeping things crunchy with a Frito chili pie, and people in Oregon love tucking into a tamale pie. Pennsylvania is the only state repping shoofly pie.

Another shocker is Google listing sweet potato pie in the savory category; it unsurprisingly reigns supreme in the Southeast. Since sweet potato is a root vegetable, we’ll go ahead and give Google a pass for the time being. In addition to Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, other states that will be cutting into a slice of sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving are Delaware and Maryland.

Overall, fruit and custard pies are the most popular type of pie across the map, although the specific type varies. Among the custard favorites are key lime pie, pumpkin pie, and cream pie. And cherry pie and apple pie are at the top of the list of fruity faves.

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This year, Google also released a map of the most popular potato dishes in each state.

Apparently, potato soup is a Thanksgiving favorite for a number of states, including Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Based on the potato map, we do have serious questions for Tennessee. “Potato candy” is listed as their most popular potato dish. It sounds like it could be the sweet and savory dish of our dreams… or our nightmares.