Americano Cocktail

There’s no doubt about it—we’re living in the time of the

negroni. From Stanley Tucci’s Instagram demos to the viral “Negroni sbagliato (with Prosecco in it),” it’s the classic cocktail of the moment. But if you look closer at the lineage of everyone’s favorite viral drink, you’ll find that the Americano is just as sophisticated and even easier to make at home.

What is an Americano?
The Americano, the predecessor to the Negroni, is a classic beverage with Milan roots dating back to 1860s Italy. It was created at Caffe Campari, the birthplace of Campari, and all the drinks it has inspired. It’s a simple drink with just three ingredients: Campari, club soda, and the best sweet vermouth you can find, topped with an orange slice.

For those new to the world of Campari and vermouth-based cocktails, think of them as a pre-dinner beverage. In Italy, it’s common to spend the hours before dinner enjoying aperitivo drinks and light fare at a coffee bar or cafe. The drink of choice is lightly alcoholic, bubbly, and Campari-based, just like an Americano.

The vermouth: 
When selecting vermouth, look for an Italian sweet variety. Sweet vermouths are fortified red wines infused with dozens of botanicals like rhubarb, vanilla, ginger, anise, and more. The joy of drinking an Americano is its simplicity in preparation and the complexity of flavor thanks to the aromatics distilled in both Campari and vermouth.

Serving an Americano: 
Serve it on the rocks in a highball glass or up in a coupe; it’s your choice! If serving the drink up, make sure to stir with ice to chill before straining it into a coupe. Feel free to temper Campari’s natural bitterness with more club soda to taste.

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